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Master Online "Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy"

Kurs-BezeichnungMaster Online "Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy"
Kurs-Kategorie Physik
Gesamtdauer2 years
Kurs-AnbieterUniversität Heidelberg, Postgraduate Studies
BeschreibungEnglish distance learning Master program in medical physics

The APMR program is delivered in English in a total of six modules over a period of 1.5 years (3 semesters) including the internship module (M P), followed by one final semester dedicated to the completion of the Master's thesis.

Each module is supported by the online program site in the institutional virtual learning environment (VLE). APMR modules are inherently interdisciplinary and include topics from medicine and physics. The individuals responsible for the module content and the tutors appointed in each case will be experts in the respective subject areas. This ensures highest quality instruction and study material optimally aligned to the work-based practical training sessions carried out in the module attendance phases and later on in the internships.

Module 1 is commencing in October of any academic year.  Modules 1 through 5  may be taken in any order, since their contents are independent of each other, however, in the majority of cases they are taken consecutively,

Successful completion of Modules 1-5 and Module P (the internships) is a prerequisite for being admitted to the Masters thesis.

VorkenntnisseBachelor’s degree in a subject related to physics or physical technology or have a diploma in physics, biomedical technology or equivalent engineering
Art der Durchführung:Blended Learning
ZielgruppeMedical Physicists
DurchführungsortHeidelberg University, Postgraduate Studies
Zusätzlich benötigtes Material
SystemvoraussetzungHigh speed internet access
QualifikationMaster MSc Degree
Preis€5000 per Semester
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Letzte Änderung13.08.2013