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Creating and validating effective strategies

Kurs-BezeichnungCreating and validating effective strategies
Kurs-Kategorie Beruf & Karriere
Beginn28.11.2013 und 29.11.2013
Gesamtdauer2 Tage
Kurs-AnbieterFachhochschule Köln
BeschreibungAll organisations need strategies. Unfortunately 80-90% of strategies, including many small and medium business strategies, fail to have the desired impact.

Why is this? 
A key reason is that most strategies are written using such poor \\\\\\\'strategy language\\\\\\\' that most stakeholders cannot understand them. Therefore strategy failures are frequently a result of the poor development and presentation of strategic information rather than because the strategic ideas are wrong.

So how can strategic information be managed better? 
Effective strategies precisely define strategic information in terms of a logical \\\\\\\'strategy grammar\\\\\\\' which defines exactly what a company needs to do to be successful. This is captured in the following simple yet powerful strategy-logic:

  • Organisations run projects which produce results which customers use to create benefits.
  • This strategy logic is known as \\\\\\\'PRUB\\\\\\\' and it clarifies that companies must do more than just create products and services - they must also empower customers to use these products and services because it is only these uses which create benefits - which in turn will motivate customers to keep buying the products and services.

This workshop will describe to delegates why and how so many strategies fail due to their poor strategy grammar. The facilitators will then introduce the succinct PRUB - based OpenStragegies´process for developing and validating strategies. Delegates will then use the OpenStrategies´process to create and validate simple and meaningful strategies which can be implemented.

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